Badger-Class Starfury
Affiliation: Earthforce
Class: Badger
Crew: 2
Engines: 4
Weapons: Fore and aft pulse cannons
Missile & bomb racks

The Badger-class Starfury was a long range fighter-bomber used by Earthforce during the Earth-Minbari War.

Similar in design to the SA-23E model Starfury, the Badger employed the same four arm mounted multi-directional engine pod design that allows for a high degree of manoeuvrability, while keeping the flight crew as close to the centre, thereby minimising the effect of G-forces on the crew while performing extreme manoeuvres.

Unlike the SA-23E however, the Badger features a two person crew, seated abreast at the front of the fighter's elongated fuselage.


  • Like the Olympus class corvette, the Badger-class Starfury was designed by Tim Earls for the TV Movie "In the Beginning", though unlike the Olympus it never made it to screen.
  • The design of the Badger has often been mistaken for the Heavy Starfury briefly glimpsed at in "A Voice in the Wilderness, Part II", though it is also a two-seater Starfury, it's an unrelated design.

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